La Vida Mia
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2006-11-28 02:59:48 (UTC)

November 27, 2006 Part 4

So he calls me today to talk about the turkey. He wants to
know if I still want it, I tell him to bring it over, he
says he thinks it's gone off, smells funny, not sure. I
tell him that if he wants me to cook it I will but he'll
have to take half of it. He says ok, he'll call me in a
few. He calls me back and says that he was asking too much
of me and he shouldn't expect me to cook the turkey for
him. I told him I didn't mind, would'nt have offered if I
didn't want to. He says he'll bring the turkey over and I
can see if its spoiled. I tell him to use his judgement
and we conclude that it is.

He didn't realize I had a roommate, he's surprised makes a
few jokes about me driving my roommate crazy and so on. We
talk about his job, he's been there for 7 years. Boss is
gone for awhile and has given him more responsabilty, I
tell him he's going to get a promotion. He's not sure how
people do it around there, doesn't seem to be any rhyme or
reason to promotions. He's moved around in the company
about four times.

I told him he was never going to leave Des Moines. His mom
will live forever and he's comfortable with his life. He
hesitantly agrees. He doesn't like his job, but the perks
are nice, that's what keeps him there.

He likes tyo remind me how popular/busy I am. I tell him
he's crazy and he does more than I do. He wants to know
why I'm not going out tonight, tell him I'm taking it easy,
he wants to know if I'm sick. We go back and forth for
awhile, we talk about all the same stuff we always talk
about. The conversation is relaxed, it feels easy, it's
not always this relaxed. Maybe he's starting to feel

He says that maybe we should hang out this week, he'll look
at his schedule and see what he's got going on and if I'm
not too busy, I tell him that would be nice.