La Vida Mia
2006-11-28 02:39:30 (UTC)

November 27, 2006 Part 3

So then he calls me on Monday to ask about the race, I
didn't see him, and ask about recipes for the turkey and
mashed potatoes. He said he was thinking of making ribs,
which is funny because I also thought about making ribs.
He asks for my recipe and says he'll call me for help with
the turkey.

He calls several times the following day to ask wat kind of
oil he should by, how big does the turkey fryer need to be,
how much oil and so on.

Then he calls me 7 times on Thanksgiving. He called to ask
how he should put the oil in the pot, where should he place
the pot, how to season the turkey, how hot should the oil
be, how long does it take to heat, how long does it take to
cook. He calls me to let me know he put the turkey in and
it's steaming, is that ok and how long will it last.

Finally he gets everything under control. I'm super stoked
he called me so many times.

Following day he calls to let me know how things went.
Guess the family sucked the turkey down, they like dark
meat. It was a success. He was concerned that he would
screw it up, so he bought two turkeys but I assured him
he'd be ok.

Since he has another turkey he wants to know if I will cook
it for him. I tell him I will but he'll have to eat most
of it. He suggests a turkey eating contest, I tell him it
sounds like an ok idea.

He calls me on Sunday to apologize for not calling on
Saturday to cook the turkey. I tell him not to worry about
it. We talk about his week and everything, it's his mom's
birthday December 1. She and his younger brother are going
gambling at the end of the week. Then he wants to know
what I'm doing tommorrow(today) and maybe we should cook
the turkey then.

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