La Vida Mia
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2006-11-28 02:22:37 (UTC)

November 27, 2006 Part 2

We sit at the very back. He threw away his frosty,
couldn't finish it. The movie starts, we keep out

Then after the movie starts he moves his arm closer to me.
I noticed that when I did something, he would do it. When
I drank my water at dinner, he did, when I used my napkin,
he did, when I shift he did, when I shock my leg, folded my
arms our crossed my legs, so did he.

Gradually he pushed his way into my arm and I into his. By
the end of the movie we were leaning on eachother.

He fell asleep so I woke him up and asked if he wanted to
leave, he said he'd stay. He looks so beautiful when he
sleeps. He looks very soft, very calm calm. He would fall
asleep and lean into me, then something would make him wake
up and he would sit up until he'd fall asleep and lean back
into me again.

When the movie was over, we both left. He wanted to kow
what he was going to do, I told him I was going to bed. On
my way home, my friend called me to go out. So I did.

There was a pretty awesome bar fight. As I was standing up
to get out of the way, the dude behind me throws a punch
over my shoulder and breaks some dudes nose. The he pulls
my chair and smashes the dude in the face. After
everything settles down the dude with the broken nose is on
the floor in a pool of blood. It was wicked cool.

After all tha my only concern was to protect what I was
drining from flying chairs or splattering blood. I proceed
to get drunker and drunker and decide to head home.

When I get there I sign into messaanger and notice he's
there, so I sign into aim and tell him not to respond, tell
him i love him and miss him and all that shit i always say
to him. Then I go to bed, I have the LHF XCountry run in 6

Run the race and have a pretty good time. Sarah, Lia and
Andrew run it also, seems like it was easier thistime but I
feel like I ran faster last year, probably a combination of

Next year I'll be a faster runner.