Crystal Leopard
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2006-11-27 05:36:39 (UTC)

This is me....!

Dear D,

Looking around the site (I was bored again) can you guess
who I found? Her name is Skye Sweetnam and her songs are
damn cool!! Especially this new song called "This is me".
I really like the lyrics to the song because it tells us
that we shouldn't try being something that we aren't just
to impress someone else.

I have to agree with her. I don't think I've ever tried to
pretent to be someone I'm not. I mean...I've never had to.
I've never wanted to impress anyone, so I guess you could
say that I'm just...irrigular. haha. But in other words, I
really like the song, the meaning and hopefully some day
I'll be able to write a story that just like that. A story
with emotion everywhere. A deep meaning that everyone can
relate to. Whether they're young, old, boy or girl. An
emotion that can reach it's way to people's heart with out
even trying. Guess I got my work caught out for me, don't
I? haha.

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