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2006-11-26 02:07:28 (UTC)

Well the holidays are over TYG!!!

My first holiday without the boys went so-so. I worked
both places Wed night so I was pretty busy and didn't have
the time to miss the boys (they left Wed at 6:00) My
girlfriend came over Thur with a plate of food for me (oh
my GOD!!! It was so good, but two days later she is sick
with the flu, wonder what my chances are that I will catch
that??!!) My boys Dad was suppose to keep the boys from
Wed night to Sun morning but Thursday at 4:00 they showed
up (oh boy, almost made it 24 hours!!!!) well I had
already committed to working both jobs Fri because I didn't
think that they would be home. My youngest went to a
friends Fri night and my oldest and me had a knock down
fight (he sure had a chip on his shoulder since he got home
from his Dad's and because I told his Dad that he could
have them for T-day) The last two times that I had to work
late on the weekend I have come home to a party, so I told
my oldest that he could go to his Dad's or his grandma's
but he wasn't staying home alone and he wasn't having any
friends over because this was my time that the house was
suppose to be quite until Sun and that ment that no friends
were going to be at the house till Sun (my oldest always
has a group of friends with him , and I truly like his
friends and they are very respectfull to me but sometimes I
get tired of hearing music blaring from downstairs and
finding my fridge cleaned out) needless to say he was very
angry and we had words and I called his Dad and told him
that I was dropping the oldest off with him Fri night
because I had to work and he honestly said to me "are you
telling me or asking me" boy, don't stand to close to the
fire when you pour gas on it'!!!! I said "hey, since YOU
were suppose to keep them until Sun and I told my second
job that I could work because I didn't expect the boys home
(which by the way, Thank You for calling and even making
sure I was home so that the boys could even get in the
house) I am TELLING you that I am dropping him off and YOU
will watch him!!! He backed down pretty quickly and even
said that he would drop the oldest off at my house in the
morning. I made pretty good tips Fri night and it is funny
because I am a pretty strong personality person and their
is a very young guy who comes in and is always really nice
to me (he is probably 6 years older than my oldest!!!) and
he always yells out "there is my sweet thing!" when I walk
into work and I went to serve him and his friends later in
the night and he put his hand on my arm and brushed a piece
of my hair out of my face (I had straightened my hair that
night) and said "why are you always so shy around me?" I
said I'm not shy I'm just busy and walked away why would he
be hitting on an old biddy like me? Must be the Mrs.
Johnson thing :)

The only other good thing that is happening is that the
weight seems to be just dropping off of me, I'm not even
trying but every since my stomach problems started the
weight is coming off quicker and quicker----it is a
miracle!!!! I'm 5lb away from my goal when I get there I
want to be at the weight that I was 5 years ago because
with my height I was waaaaay to small (just under 100 lbs)
and I ended up with a ED and I don't want to go back to
that. If I meet my second goal I will be happy. I think
the weight is coming off healthy this time.

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