Crystal Leopard
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2006-11-25 00:04:20 (UTC)


Dear D,

I've been thinking about what should I do for Christmas
this year? Since I'm not even Christian, I don't usually
celebrate this event. But it's the thought that matters
right? To be together with friends and family. To share
with one another. Anyway, I was thinking, what should I
get my friends this year? I mean... I know most of my
friends are Christian, but I'm not entirely sure what to
get them. Only those who are going for the sleepover will
be able to receive them though... I DON'T want to just buy
the present. It'll seem meaningless then. At least to me.
I've learnt from a senior's birthday present I meade last
time, that it's much more rewarding if you make the
present rather than just buying it. It has more
sentimental value. It's tricky thinking what to get for
everyone who's coming. Because they're about ten all
together. Ten!! Can you believe it?! One for Sam, Kong, Ai
Wen, Siew Juan, Sarah-chan, Jas, Dal, Anne and also Bee
Li. -sigh- It was around yesterday that I though..."why
don't I just make a present from what I do best at?
Writing!" I could write a short Christmas based story for
all my friends, turn it into books, make copies and give
them each a copy with a different design top that'll suit
their taste. What do you think? hehe. I like the idea very
much...but then... it'd going to be hard to create ten
different stories with ten different plots. And to make
everything in just a week!! I hope I can pull it off.
Cause last time (I was still very bad at writing) when I
tried to write a short story, it took me a couple of days
just to finish one story! How am I suppose to finish
ten!! -sigh- I'll try my best though. And hopefully still
have some creative ideas left for the gift wrapping and
also the cover design. Each one has to be unique. -sigh-
What I do for my friends.... it even surprises me! hehe.