Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2006-11-24 10:10:04 (UTC)


the rain slicked velvet draped
across her chest, like a leaf
floating across the channel

when with arms spread wide the
freedom from within spills out
and something deep stirs nigh

hither I go, wither I stay, nothing
says love more than that careful gaze,
longing to push out the cold pain

how pale & wanton thrilling comes
love, lust and my desire on a strange
hour unannounced, unplanned for

like a scarred over guest you've
brought to bed, love makes angels
of us all and gives us all wings

I am afraid, I have a disillusionment
with these feelings, evermore trapped,
yearning, pulsating within my breast

I hear her cry, and in the night
she festers with passions bile
it's all I can do to hold her tight

but, tis not to be, for my desire has whims
for another, thusly denied, I perch on the
cliffs, waiting to be called, ever again

one blink away from destiny, mayhaps i will
pull through the muddle of ranted raved
toils, or not, for this is the way of love

intermingled with false hope to much, my
heart aspires with gleeful joy, to run to
her arms in that last inspiring moment.

lest you be lost, to her I say, wrap a
cloak of my desire round your shoulder,
with my gentle touch, stay the frost

in darkest night, I wait for the
morning, restless, perhaps she will
relent, with her heart alighted to me