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my submissive life
2006-11-23 00:25:45 (UTC)

Spanking Contract

1. Undersigned agrees to accept 100 lashes in
exchange for payment of $1,000.
a. Lashes may be delivered to any part of
undersigned’s body including her ass, cunt, tits, stomach,
thighs, face, feet, palms, and/or back.
b. Lashes may be delivered with a hand, paddle, whip,
flogger, cane, crop, belt, or similar implement.
2. Undersigned agrees to be in any state of undress
or completely nude during the spanking session.
3. Once spanking has begun, it can be stopped with
the uttering of the following safe word: “red light.”
a. Using the safe word will result in the forfeiting
of the entire contracted amount plus a penalty payment by
undersigned of $500.
b. Undersigned will NOT be gagged for any part of the
spanking session.
4. Uttering of any curse word during the spanking
session will result in an extra 5 penalty strokes.
5. Rubbing or touching of ass or any other punished
area before the close of the session will result in an
extra 10 penalty strokes.
6. Having to delay the spanking session for a
bathroom break will result in either a loss of $100 in
payment or an extra 15 strokes, to be determined by
7. Undersigned will maintain instructed position(s)
for duration of spanking session.
a. First breaking of position will result in an extra
5 penalty strokes.
b. Second breaking of position will result in an
extra 15 penalty strokes and will further result in the
physical restraint of undersigned.
8. Undersigned agrees to obey all commands issued to
her during the spanking session.
a. Failure to promptly obey any command will result
in an extra 5 penalty strokes.
9. Undersigned does NOT agree to engage in vaginal,
anal, or oral sexual intercourse.
a. Undersigned agrees to accept incidental fondling,
tickling, pinching, groping, etc.
b. Undersigned agrees to accept unlimited object
insertion including plugs, dildos, and vibrators.
10. Undersigned may NOT orgasm during spanking session.
a. Orgasm will result in total forfeiture of
contracted payment or undersigned may opt to increase
session to a total of 200 lashes with no increase in
11. Undersigned agrees to accept other related forms
of punishment and discipline that may include humiliation
and degradation. (I.e. standing in corner, holding books
with arms extended, wearing dunce cap, writing lines,
repeating phrases, forced exercise.)
12. Undersigned will keep accurate count of lashes
a. Failure to maintain accurate count of lashes will
result in doubling of remaining lashes or loss of $200 in
payment, to be determined by undersigned prior to being
informed of accurate count.
13. Spanking session will NOT have a time limit but
rather will continue until all lashes have been
14. Undersigned agrees to sit for a five minute
interview at the conclusion of the spanking session and
answer all questions truthfully.