Nick's Journal
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2006-11-21 19:51:09 (UTC)

Another Uproar

i thought i had witnessed it all a month or so ago when that
guy got busted for pocketing some of the money for the
public interest law foundation. well i was wrong. i forgot
that i was dealing with psychotic law students on a regular
basis and no matter how sane they may seem to me...they just
you see law students are divided into 3 distinct parts.
those who genuinely want to understand law and want to be
the best they can be at it.
those who just want to fly under the radar, hope they don't
get called on and just want their degree so that their
parents will stop riding them.
and those who are major league assholes. i can't tell if
they truly care about discussing the law or if they just
want to pop off at any time they feel like it to make sure
everyone knows that they think that they are geniuses.
the problem with our latest 'incident' was with one in the
latter group. mr. burns (i'm not kidding and i just
realized that his last name is related to the simpsons) is
the guy who will construct unwanted half-brained
hypotheticals just so he can be heard. he'll be the guy who
will fight a losing argument until the teacher intervenes,
yet as of late he has also been the guy who has brought his
overweight asian wife with him to class.
the first time i saw mr. & mrs. burns i was like, "aww,
that's really sweet, i should bring juli some time." mr.
burns grabbed a seat from one of the aisles and put it next
to his and for the entire class his wife listened in on
contracts and on her husbands hair-brained interjections.
then she was there for civil procedure later on in the day
and then criminal law. all fine and good i guess it was
"bring your overweight asian wife to school with you" day at
our law school.
but then she showed up the next day...and the next...and,
well now we are almost 3 weeks into it and she has been
there everyday.
now we are a class of about 100 students and she by no means
stuck out for the first 2 weeks. sure there were some
whispers here or there but overall it was pretty much not
then about 2 days ago she started asking and answering
questions. i'm not joking. she was seriously taking law
school classes. what was more unbelievable about it was her
insistence (much like mr. burns' own insistences) that class
did not move on until her whims were satisfied.
this went on for 2 days and today another mass posting came
on our class website.
the fat bitch had to go. people were LIVID. i mean LIVID.
how DARE someone come in and just get for free what we have
to incur debts for!?
the thing about it, is that you could tell that the teachers
wanted to say something after her asking questions, but
obviously didn't know how to handle this situation.
for a while (and while she was quiet and not
asking/answering questions) i thought to myself, "what's the
harm? just let her listen."
but then the other day i got a letter in the mail notifying
me of the interest accrued on my student loan...maybe some
others got that too. and i was LIVID too.
now i know that she won't get an "accredited degree" but
that is wholly besides the point. a degree is just a piece
of paper institutionalizing your achievement. you can still
get the exact same without it.
so anyhow, for the past 2 hours i've been having fun reading
postings about it and mr. burns has not replied to any of
them. i wonder if mrs. burns will be back in class tomorrow.