robot talk. bleepity bloop.
2006-11-19 02:13:44 (UTC)

hugeness and smallness

it worries me
the hugeness and the smallness
the vastness of the internet
so many things to read
so many links to click
that i really must log off before my headrt and head beat
so hard that my neighbors complain
we know they only come out to complain
perhaps they need to get out more
so ill think about the ocean
ill think about its sandy, salty bottom
and shipwrecks
ill think about the length of my large intestine
and space. outer. space.
ill think about numbers that go on, on and on
and lines that never end never end never end
and tootsie roll pops and their unknown lick counts
all things that kept me up late at night thinking
thinking so hard that my heart beat beat beat
but the neighbors need a retreat
from their finite walls and linoleum floors
so ill think as a public service
until my heart beats them free.

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