Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2006-11-17 14:02:45 (UTC)

yeah, I'm a spaz

but after being on the damned phone to "student loan
educators", who put me on hold while they dealt with
other "customers", I've decided to take insult at those
words. Esp the thick french accent on the words "educators"
and "customers"...

anyways, so I'm leary of the language they use, and it
reminds me of the George Carlin rant about how important
language is, it also made me really angry, so I was a bit
bitchy to the person who first answered and, he really had
no clue about what the hell was going on or how to deal
with my queries..

SUFFICE to say, I managed to get transfered to someone who
had half and more so, a brain, and I managed to sort
everything out.

SO, yes, I did screw myself over by moving here too soon and
not dealing with the crap I needed to before hand, and so
it means I'll be going to the VFS in april, as opposed to
february. Which actually doesn't bother me all that much
because there's another program I'm more interested in
taking first.

Foundation Visual Art & Design, is the program I'm taking
first, and then I'll take the Entertainment Business
Management program after that, but I might either go out
and try to get a job at one of the studio's here and then
try to make something go of it, or finish off my Anthro/Film
double major degree and go for my masters after that.

Yeah, I know.

But, then again, while I know I want to do the first two,
might do a third year at the Vancouver Film school and take
Writing for Film, TV & Interactive Media which looks really
fucking cool, and I'm sure would more than manage to
embolden my horizons. Or not.

So.. I'm not in a panic anymore, and I'm feeling pretty good
about myself.

Today, has been a good day. it's 6am, and I'm going to bed.

Goodnight everyone, lol

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