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2006-11-17 13:12:36 (UTC)

Last day of School!

Dear D,

It's finally the last day of school. huh, can you believe
it? Cause I can't! I don't have the feeling that it's the
last day. Maybe it'd because I'm gonna see all of my
classmates and friends again next year anyways. Not like
the form fives.... they have to be separated for real
since not everyone is planning on going to go to the same
college or university, right? I pity them actually. And I
wonder what it'd be like for me when I become their age. -
sigh- Anyways, today was a really tiring day because Sand
and I were playig badminton early in the morning along
with Kong. We were shouting and screaming, it was a
miracle that the form fives didn't hear us. hehe. ^o^ I
didn't like playing badminton anymore, cause I felt like
an idiot whenever I play with anyone. Especially Sandy
because she's so good at it. I feel like a little kid
trying to act like an adult. -sigh- We were planning on
going to Yellow Corner for lunch, and it was my treat
(since it was the last day of school, might as well be
nice) so I invited Kong also. Even though she had a class
party to go to later on. hehe. ^p^ But before we even
managed to get off the court, I accidentaly hit Sandy on
her face (right cheek) with our badminton rackets. I
didn't mean to!! Honest! It just slipped, plus I only
wanted to get it away from me, not to her face! I felt so
bad, I was meowing the whole way to Yellow Corner. But
then I managed to smile again when Sandy told me that she
could still open her mouth and eat. She had some kind of
spicy rice (which I hate, I can't stand spicy stuff), I
had a chicken chop (love western food!) and Kong had a
vanilla float soda. It took her so long to order it. It
was so annoying, you know~! I paid for it, naturally, and
then we headed back to school. Only to go to the toilets
to change our clothes. Actually... Kong and Sandy had to
change, I didn't. I wore my baju kurung from home. I knew
I'd be too lazy to change, so I didn't bother wearing baju
PJK when I knew I was only gonna use it for not even more
than two hours. hehe. After that, felt even more tiring
because...well, I don't know what the cause was. But I
knew that Sandy and I were so tired, that we couldn't even
manage to go up the staircase to class without stopping
for a breather. Sandy was shocked!! Sze Min came around
one-something. Then all of the form two (who decided to
even come for the last day) to go to the PS1 to relax and
watch movies. I, of course, decided to take my chances and
went up to Puan Jamaiah and asked her whether or not I
could show the vidoes that I made for the Form2s, St.
Johns and of course, the embarassing one of Sandra x Sze
Min. heheh. I have to admit, I lot of my classmates and
form-mates really liked the one I made of our school. But
Sand and Sze weren't too happy with the video I made of
them. hehe. To be expected though. hehe. But in the end, I
was glad that I managed to show the videos to everyone. To
somehow make them remember the good time and the bad times
that we've been through this year. Even if it was trivial.
The only regret I have today... is not being able to show
them the full-movie of Dong Bang Shin Ki cd that I had:
Dangerous Love. It was really nice... and I'm sure that
the others would definately agree with me. hehe.

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