Dave's Mental Meanderings
2006-11-16 04:09:11 (UTC)

Poem - "Tea in the Morning"

“Tea in the Morning”

The leaves have turned brown and floated aground
Since last I called on my muse,
The beat was lagging, my feet were dragging,
And all I could play was the blues.
As the revelers sang, my battle cry rang,
Like an echo of days gone past,
“Once more into the breech old friends,”
Not thinking it might be my last.
When intricate schemes come apart at the seams
And mastermind plans come undone,
The bigger they are, the harder they fall,
And I was as big as they come.
Like a warrior wounded from years in the fray
Reluctantly hoisting his sword,
I pick up the pen for the first time again
With the hope that I might strike a chord.
I haven’t forgotten how wretched and rotten
I felt for those darkest few days,
The bigger regret hasn’t vanished just yet,
But it’s slowly drifting away.
Old habits die hard, as one British bard
Is known to famously say,
But this old soldier, as the season grows colder
Refuses to fade away.
For today like the heat on the late autumn streets,
I’ve been unexpectedly warmed,
I’m feeling the sun on my face and it feels
Like my whole damn life is reborn.
At a time when the rhymes weren’t coming at all
But a few too meager to mention,
A wink and a smile that were there all the while
Finally found their intention.
It took me some time to make up my mind
For I’m slow to pick up on affection,
But she made the first move so I followed the groove
In an unfamiliar direction.
Words softly spoken in my voice deep and broken
I thought would be met with cool patience,
Nervous and fearing she’d stiffen at hearing
My cantankerous cowboy cadence.
Run-down and ragged, jaded and jagged,
But for once a bit looser and limber,
Straight off the cuff, my words came out rough
In my stop-start stammering timbre.
Neither turning nor running but swiftly succumbing
To my dusty and dubious charms,
She kissed my worries away for the night
And fell asleep in my arms.
The night quickly passed, but now at long last
I’ve got something to fill up my cup,
Tea in the morning and love without warning
Were waiting when I finally woke up.