Nick's Journal
2006-11-16 03:18:43 (UTC)

Boy is my face red

law school does certain things to you. one specific thing
it does to you is make you sound extremely racist when you
are in fact a loving, caring person no matter the race
(unless you're jewish, cos that's not a race, but an
abomination). anyhow, there i am trying to explain the
family purpose doctrine to my legal writing class (don't ask
me how i got into that position, i was semi-scratching my
head and all of a sudden i was put up on the spot) and i
happened to engage in horrible bigotry.
"yes, nick...what is the policy behind the family purpose
"well the family purpose doctrine was thought of as a way
for people to gain compensation from minorities."
"excuse me?"
"well, minorities inherently are unable to support
themselves and sometimes, even if they have jobs, they are
just minimum wage."
", the thing with minorities is that they are
dependent on others. they don't have their own income, so
they live off of their parents."
"um, i don't think you have this correct."
"no, you see, they are inexperienced through no fault of
their own, they just haven't had the education of
non-minorities and therefore, we can't expect our justice
system to go after them as if they were fully competent adults."
at this point the room was deadly quiet. i looked around.
what was wrong with these people? could i be any more
clear? the family purpose doctrine was enacted so that
parents would be held responsible for the actions of their
minor children...oooooooooh.
for some reason i forgot to accentuate teh fact that i was
referring to MINORS not minorities. but for some reason i
was too stupid to realize what i had done until i had
sounded like a complete bigot.
we all had a good laugh and a couple of...phewwwwwwws, going
around but i definetly discerned a few "is he a closet
racist ?" looks.
mas o menos.