2006-11-16 00:56:54 (UTC)

Stuck at schoool

Currently I am at school, and I wish I were home. I'm in a
really really big rampage trying to get everything done in
my school life so that I could just enjoy the holidays.
Also I would like to get my car completely healthy, finish
my speech, studying for my Psych test, deciding weather to
go to unemployment or just regular ole Conrad (if that's
gonna be a possibility) and finish my business plan along
with Christmas shopping.

Yeah so all that this week. School, Car, The employment
situation, and gifts. If I could get this all done then I
will have so much less to think about really soon. I mean
Car anhilates the whole problems with car stuff ensuring
that my transportation is secure. Employment ensures my
finances and adds money to my pocket by about 300 dollars
per week once I file. The school stuff... once I finish
that I still have to worry about school, but not until the
next series of homework assignments and tests. This is not
too shaby right now. This would knock out most of my
dilema though.

I just made a funny. Called Mike since he's like right
next to me in the computer lab, but we didn't see each
other. So he's about to pick up his phone when he sees
that I'm right here. HAHAHAHA. Funny.

Yeah so right now I'm in the middle of ditching my class
because it sucks and provides me with absolutely no useful
information. Teacher is always late and I don't give a
f*ck anymore. So I'll just do my business plan, get a C
probably, and come for the times were reviewing for a
test, and on the day of a test. Besides that I'm done with
that class. Which sucks cause it's smacked down sandwiched
in the middle of my Psychology and my Econ. Now I'm
furiuosly awaiting Econ. This really messes up my whole
day. Speech was a waste. I came home after 10 minutes of
class because we just went to the computer lab and worked
on exactly what I was working on before class. So I might
as well go home where I'm more comfortable and be able to
save the information directly to where I want it in the
proper format and not have to do with that whole e-mailing
sh*t to yourself thing. I just save stuff directly to my
laptop. So there.

Besides that my eye is red. Don't really know why. I was
sleeping I guess it seems as though with one eye opened.
So now I've got this whole red eye thing going on for all
day in my left eye. I NEVER get red eye. What's up with
this? Is it the medication? Is it me trying to sleep with
one eye opened (which I wasn't trying to do, but if
there's any way I can be more like a dragon then cool.)

Half an hour more until I can do something productive. I
could be so productive at home with my laptop. Damn could
I be productive. As soon as I get home I'm gonna make some
more pizza and drink some...water, and do my homework.
Study for my test, finish my paper for the speech, maybe
even spruce up my Power Point Presentation for that. I
know I'm not gonna have any time for my Business Plan
today, so might as well not even try. Well, well, well,
what else. Might as well do some research and try to email
to myself. How idiotic.