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story of jungle girl
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2006-11-15 00:16:08 (UTC)

d love connection....

i just mas2rbated today and i was thinking bout ppl whu i
like. i was day dreaming abawt "six" today (pronounced as
sex) and i don't know, i was had been thinking abawt tom.
and then i was also thinking about some white dudes. idk,
but after day dreaming abawt the men, i touched maself
down there and suddenly mas2rbated. i mean, it is nothing
new to me bhut the thing is i have had a break from
masturbating and i haven't masturbated in a while, in lyk
2 or 3 weeks. o well. i fell from the couch and fell on
the floor and continued wat i was doing. i was doing this
all in the dark in about lyk 8:30pm at night. then, the
windows wer open outside and i saw the moon, the stars,
the dark blue sky of course it was dark blue coz' it was
night. i was all on the floor. i was fingering maself down
there then i had to (never mind, i don't wanna say it) but
u know.... i was thinking about some ppls. o well. wat can
i say. i had to suck my thumb and pretend that it was a
dick. hahhahha. naw, coz' i did watched a lil porno the
other day and i saw some girl sucked some dick sooo that i
haven't done in years. sooo u know i am in sexual drought
ry naw.

i am sooo inspired by this tv show "the survivor", coz'
only one survivor survive and only 1 person gets d money
in the end. it totally reflects my life right now although
i have lost my alliance with "somebody" and now that i am
going looney looking for my s2pid cell phone. i haven't
had a decent conversation with any1 since that day i lost
my cell phone and that i constantly have a head ache and
feel a dark cloud over my head. i can't take this anymore.
i am sooo happy that i am just writing this all in my
diary. not that ppl r really going to read it. ppl r
invited to read my diary bhut i am deffinitely going to
put some dirty stuff in here since i do have a lot of
dirty little secrets. k, tata for naw. il c u later ppls.

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