I Debbie...
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2006-11-14 14:39:58 (UTC)

And The Hits Keep Coming

Okay now are you ready for this. I get to work yesterday
morning and the boss and her up her butt cohort aka my
co-teacher have taken everything down off the board I did
and put up a new border. They said that it had to be a
child's art board because of our new accredidation we are
trying to achieve. Okay. Even though the other directress
that came over last week said it was okay as long as I
balanced it out. Which I had. Okay there was more of the
duplicate art or non infant made art on the walls but I
was in the process of doing finger stuff with the kids.
Now it gets kind of hard to do it with the ones who are
being bussed off to the next room on a daily basis because
of ratio and the inability of someone to stay in her
fucking room but whatever. So I redistributed some of the
art around to other areas and left most of the art board
open. I asked the director again when she came back in if
that was okay. She still didn't like the fact that I had an
area for Thanksgiving table project up in a corner next to
the art board. I told her Robin the other directress said
I could. It was not the answer she wanted to hear. So upon
her leaving I took every last stich of stuff I had put on
the walls down. Every leaf, every pumpkin, every forrest
animal, every house. For one thing our unti now is himes.
Gee didn't I just say home? Yah I had colored the homes
and put them around the base then put up a picture of
three trees. No, no symbolism of the three wise men we
have to be so PC now. LOL I was irate. Really pissed off.
I tried to hide some of it around but I got so madder
about having to hide it like I was in fear of the gestapo
seeing it that I just took it all down. After venting all
day to Tanya and Meghan I had calmed down enough to talk
to Kelly. She said that I could have kept the pumpkins up.
Like whatever in hell for. As some token some little gift
that I was bing given. No No to the car that you used to
drive but here is a match box car with a little tinsle.
Funny thing is Katie's mom came in and noticed that my
Thanksgiving area was gone. Kind of did a double take. And
she gave me her whole menu. Kelly who was oblivious to the
whole reason for why she was telling me kept saying little
comments. I am curious to see her reaction when I tell her
why Katie's mom was telling me that.

I will still do art but I guess I will just not put it up.
Just give it to the parents. Fuck 'em.

I Debbie

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