Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2006-11-14 12:58:19 (UTC)


so, baring that I'm an idiot, I should really
find myself another job, stupid mornings are
killing me, and they won't even give me the
days off I ask for even though they don't
really need me which sucks ass.

I'm going to hopefully buy myself a car this
weekend, if not then it'll be in december, and
then I'll be driving to penticton to see my
dearly beloved grandpapa, then to castlegar to
see Fern of the wild frontier (well, it could
be a wild frontier), and then I'm going to
drive to winnipeg and see my cats and my mom.

should be interesting, I'm still a little bit
annoyed that I don't have a steady job, nor
that I've managed to pay off the interest on
my student loans, even that huge infusion of
cash from my income tax return didn't dent it
enough for me to catch up.. but, I think I've
got a handle on it.. maybe.

ah well.. such is life.