Kaden, MacKenzie and Easton

The life of a young mom of three
2006-11-12 15:29:42 (UTC)

One Hectic world

Things have been so hectic around here lately. I've been
pulling 40 hours at work and still attending school! My
sisters birthday is Tommarrow so i went shopping yesterday
and got some of the necisities. Christmas is coming up the
ass real quick! Matt, Do i even wanna start. I don't know
lately he be talking stupid and I'm about to just be like
call me when you decide to do something with your life. Ok,
Matt got into college, but now that is only the first step
i keep telling him, but you know he is soooo great cause he
did. Well, i got in as well, and i go to highschool, and i
have job, AND I take care of a 9 month old! So there. Gosh
he has just been very agrivating lately. I don't know.
Pulling these hours has been hardwork, but the 3oo dollar
pays are nice. But i have been spending my life their its
annoying. For example just this past week i worked. 3:30pm-
10pm on Monday, 11:30am-10pm on Tuesday Wensday I worked
from 3:30pm-9:00pm, Thursday I worked 3:30pm-10pm and
Friday i worked 9am-10pm, and Saturday i worked 10am-4:30pm
Its just alot of hours i feel i'm there. O well, It'll be
nice for christmas!

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