I love it when they fuck my brains out
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2006-11-08 14:44:02 (UTC)


Yah so my boyfriend is only ever thinking about stupid
stuff. He is such a bastard I need to dump him so bad.
THats what I am going to do when I get out of classes.
Dump him on the spot. He'll be so pissed and all I am
going to do is laugh and walk away. I am also trying to
give up smoking right now. It is so fucking hard! I have
been chewing a new peice of gum like every 5 minutes. This
is crazy! Why should I give it up anyways. Oh yah because
I can't get them anymore because I am going to break up
with my boyfriend and because he hasnt been giving me any
for like the last week anyways. Whateve who gives fuck....
Whatever just

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