I Debbie...
2006-11-07 14:34:46 (UTC)

And What Would You Call This One

I don't see how a little question like what are you doing
for the holidays, you know the one that is coming up in
three weeks should call up such debate. I don't really
care what actual day it is on. We can't do any traveling
until Brian gets off work on Friday. That will give me the
chance to get the apt straightened up pay bills and
whatever. Here is the stupid part. My idiot sister
originaaly back in August chosen that weekend for my
niece's baptism/christening. I got that Friday off. Brian
and I had decided I would fly in Wed before and he would
drive up on Friday. We could then drive back home
together. This eliminated the option and the need to
explain why we couldn't fly to Williamsburg. Actually it
was the cost but a family function was a good cover.
Anyway. Charlie's sister in law, the other godmother, and
who ever heard of having two godmothers, the name is
really a figure head position anyway there is no legal
rights, can't get to St Louis that weekend. Something
about the flights. Okay I am pretty sure there are flights
on a non stop basis that weekend from the east coast. I
think it is she wanted to tour more colleges. After all
she is getting a scholarship to all these ivy league
places, so lad di da da. So we me and Brian thought that
we would still go up there as all of my family would be
there. It is now three weeks before Turkey Day. And
wouldn't youknow it my idiot sister has yet to determine
what job she is going back too and hasn't gotten word what
day either TH or Fri or neither or both they want her to
work. And doesn't know what Joe's family is doing. Okay
lets back up a second. Just had a baby born Is going back
to work. We are going to be there. And she still can't
decide what the hell she is doing let alone where? I think
she knew for some time that Joe's family wanted then to
come up to Wisconsin. I don't think work has a damn thing
to do with it. I even asked her if there was something she
wasn't telling me. Like she just wanted to spend the
holiday with the four. She said what gave me that
impression. I said the fact that she didn't know what she
is doing. The last time she was there in St Louis and we
had that fiasco of a party for mom I think that was a
deciding factor in the where's of holidays. Here she sat
so pissed because mom dad and Mike were so wishy washy
about plans and here it is not more than four months later
and she can't give me the same surtosy to decide what the
hell she is doing. I think it was that weekend that she
decided in her mind not to bend anymore for her family.
That all that talk about wanting her kids to know both
sides of the family was hogwash. And she hasn't told me
because she knows that the only main reason we were going
there was the two kids not mom and dad. But as we have
already commited to being there we wouldn't back out. I
have already sent emails to mom and we have been
discussing the what's and where's. Did she think I would
back out. That would be so rude on so many levels. I think
next year we are staying home. But Brian likes the family
thing and Turkey and the event of Thanksgiving. It is so
crazy,too. Here we moved closer to everyone, as Tulsa is 2
hours more drive time and we seem to have the same problem
of always being the ones to drive to them. I know we don't
have a house, we have a two brm apartment. That is why Br
parents don't come down. That is a lame ass excuse by the
way. His sister and family live three hours away. They
could if it is that much of a hassle drive to and from the
same day. If it meant that much to them to be with family
then they would find a way. Hell Wendy and brood could
stay with one of their old friends they used to have when
they lived here. And we have an extra bdrm. not to mention
floor space. Mom and dad could sleep in the spare bdrm. I
thinkpart of the reason two like Brian said is our cats.
Like I said its all about excuses.

I Debbie