Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2006-11-07 12:07:24 (UTC)

eat, sleep, vomit

so, I've decided after weighing myself
and discovering that I am in fact a fat
fucking bastard, that I'm going to get
some fucking liposuction...

why? because I can't seem for the life
of me to lose weight even though I've
tried about 1000 different diets. I
think the biggest problem is that I
have for the last 3 years not done much
in the way of exercising, nor been able
to eat the way I should because I really
haven't had alot of money.

I know it's spendy, but, it'll be worth
it, although, I might do the rhinoplasty
I was supposed to have gotten when I was
17, but never went through, and as I
discovered I can get the scar I have on
my lip done as well..

so.. I'm going to do the nose/lip thing
first, see what happens, and then I'm
going to do the rest later..

I'm so fucking vain, lol.