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2006-11-02 19:24:08 (UTC)

Playing Catch-Up Again

The weather this fall has been absolutely gorgeous. We've
had clear blue skies, temperatures in the mid 60's, and it
lasted for weeks. It ended today. The winter rains have
begun and, unless we're very lucky and get a brief reprieve,
we won't have such lovely weather again until sometime in April.

My internship at the Oregon State Library in Salem ended in
October. I was offered a permanent, part-time position but
the three hour commute was getting very difficult for me to
keep up with so I relunctantly declined. My co-workers
threw me a little party on my last day with treats, cards
and even gifts. Merrialyce gave me a frame with several
photographs I'd cataloged that I especially liked--one of a
little girl on a flower decked cart pulled by a dressed up
dog taken around 1915 for a cherry festival, one of a
beautifully dressed woman take in the Edwardian era, and my
favorite, one of Florella Phillips, Salem's first librarian.
She's wearing a suit, her hair is in bun, she looks grim
and determined and she's holding a rather dangerous looking
umbrella with a sharp point. Merrialyce suggested I put it
on my bulletin board for "inspiration" and that's what I've

Merriaylce is thinking of retiring in the next couple of
years and asked me again if I planned on getting a
certificate in archive management (I am) and when I would be
graduating (two years from now although I could be legally
hired in a librarian position six months before graduation).
It may be that her position in Special Collections may come
open just as I begin looking for a full-time professional
position. If that should happen John and I would probably
consider moving to another small town or out in the country
nearer to Salem so the commute wouldn't be as long. His
opinion is that where we end up retiring will depend a great
deal of where I end up working.

In the meantime, I applied for a part-time position at the
Linn-Benton Communnity College library and they offered me
the job yesterday. I start on Monday. This position is in
reference and research as well as library instruction. I
really like the librarian who'll be my supervisor and look
forward to starting another new adventure.

I've applied for two scholarships and probably won't hear
about those until later this month. I also sent a query
letter to the Oregon Library Association newsletter editor
about an article I'd like to write for them about baby
boomers and how they'll affect library services as they
begin their version of retirement. I don't expect to hear
back for a few more weeks but I think that would be a really
fun article to write.

Another thing I'm doing is keeping a notebook with ideas for
articles I'd like to write and which journals might be good
matches for them as well as keeping a running list of
workshops, seminars, conferences, and courses I'm taking
beyond the regular classwork. Let's see, in the past month
they've included book repair, writing for professional
journals, and a web design class.

Yes, I love keeping busy. And no, I haven't had much time
for quilting lately. I'm hoping I get a chance to do a bit
during the Christmas break.

Oh, and one more thing! We're buying a new car! It'll
probably be an SUV. John's been reading up on all the
different ones, including consumer reports, and I've given
him a list of features I'd like to have. One is a sunroof
as the PT cruiser we'd rented a few years ago when the van
was in the shop had one and I really loved having that extra
light. (I didn't like the PT cruiser, however, as it was
much too cramped.) He'll take a day off work and check out
the ones he thinks are the likeliest possiblities and then
we'll both go look at the two to four finalists.

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