La Vida Mia
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2006-11-02 04:32:58 (UTC)

November 1, 2006 Part 2

FT is still fucking with me. After the fall out I told him
I was going to leave him alone until he decided he wanted me
back in his life. I did really well. Only sent him two
text messages in the course of like a month.

Finally one morning I get "good mornin". I almost died.

Then eventually I received a call and it got better and
better. Seems like it got back to where it use to be but

So I told him I still had his birthday present and wanted to
give it to him, he invited me over, we talked for a few and
then I left. I had stuff to do and didn't want to seem to

So anyway, seems like were on good terms, everything is
going well.

Then he calls me and says he wants to see me before he
leaves for his marathon. He comes over and give me a gift
bag. It contained chocolate, aspirin, tomato soup, gel
packs and recoveery powder.

I should have take a picture, best gift I've ever received.

So then he calls me last week and talks to me for 45.6
minutes about Halloween costumes, running, marathons, his
friends and family, his house, furniture and all kinds of
crap. It was the most wonderful, stupid, meaningless,
incredibley fantabulous conversation I've ever had.

So anyway, I'm still absolutely in love with him and want
everything for him. I hope he'll be happy. I hope I'll be

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