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2006-11-02 00:57:26 (UTC)


eiii yo u really *piss* me off man!!!!! i don't lyk u no
more u heard? and i don't wanna know u anymore coz' to me?
everything is over!!!!! lololololololol....... *arfarf*

i am just kidding......

it's been a while since i been here..... it's coz' my
thoughts r really empty for naw.... and i do not have a
descent boyfriend for naw soo that i can talk to him here
and that he can talk back to me here or watever. 1st of
all i have a blog at that's y i aint here coz'
i pretty much kip some of my diary there..... bhut o
well,.... life is not complete fo' me if i aint here. my
life is f*cked up man and nobody wants to know. my life is
hell! i don't even know when my life is going back to
order. *LoL* i try to write in english clearly just soo
that i can really explain and relate this whatever that i
wanted ta say. first of all i think that my life is soo
wierd. and i want d whole world to know this abawt me. i
am some wierd girl whu lives a very wierd life.
eniweis,..... i can't write them all in one payge or one
paper. if i should start writing abawt ma life then i will
start with it off today.;)

i promise to do my best in telling u all abawt this wierd
life of mine. of course i won't have to tell everything
buh just a few things like 1 tym that i lost my watch lol.
ya' i know it's funny 'n scary thing.

well abawt today. i didn't do anything that much coz' u
know it's holloween. d stores wer pretty much closed wer i
live. i was tryin' to buy myself some vegetables food for
lumch and i found awt that all d restaurants nearby wer i
live that sells food wer closed. d other restaurant wer i
used to buy my noodles wer closed for d whole entire week.
wellz,..... d restaurant wer i wanna buy my lunch wer
closed coz' it's holloween. everybody basically wer at da
cementary lighting up candles and puting up flowers at
people's relative's graves. i didn't even had d chance to
go to my father's grave yesterday. o well. 2morrow i was
wondering wat i am going to eat coz' all these restaurants
wer i buy my fud is closed. o well. watever man. i will
eat anything.

today i ate sandwiches. i hope that helped. i was just
really trying to avoid eating hamburgers or anything that
is deep fried. i just wanna eat all healthy fuds for a
change coz' i feel sick wenever i eat fudz that r always
deep fried ya' know. eniweis...... 2morrow i prolly will
eat sandwiches again coz' all d stores i go to to buy my
food r all closed coz' of holloween.

wellz,.... so far i haven't seen anything insane d whole
day yesterday or watever u know lyk for instance wen i
used to live in ny in that crazy neighborhood jackson
hieghts. wellz i just really have to let this out my chest
for d very first tym lol this is some crazy thing that i
experienced b4 wen i used to live in jackson hieghts new
york. well watever u know. i'll tell more about that
later. for naw let's talk abawt "now". like wat my cousin
always tell me before. well "break d ice" u know. well i
am gonna. wellz today. right naw. lol....^^

i feel lyk i shouldn't even reveal my whole indentity i
feel that i should just be annonymous right naw lol untill
i finish off a novel here or watever. i don't know and i
have no clue. i just wanna let this off my chest and also
i just wanna keep track of wat i do everyday u know lyk a
diary wer i can pretty much keep everything i write in one
place. hehehehe.....=P wells,.... i like it here coz' it's
easier to write stuff here ya' know. this diary of mine is
just for me entirely and for some of my friends and those
peeps whu wanna be friends with me. i mean, whu wants to
read my diary if they r my enemy? ya' know..... i
mean,..... do i want peoples whu don't like me to read my
diary? wells,.... i really can't answer that question ryt
naw. it's not important whu i am right naw i just really
wanna be annonymous just sooo that i cud write. well later
u know. everythings gonna be alright i hope. bbl.

ok iam back. d reason y i am coz' i just fixed my
properties just so that i can change my identity lol. ok
to start off again with what i was saying earlier abawt my
old neighborhood jackson hieghts new york...... der was
this one day that i was jogging outside. i was wearing my
cycling shorts with some loosed t-shirt, my fila
basketball shoes (i know i shouldn'thave coz' i was gonna
go jogging). wellz,.... it was one afternoon i went out of
our apartment and went jogging. i just went down d street
and this taxi guy was hollering at me on d street while i
was jogging and i had to run away from that d.o.m. lol
coz' he kept on lyk whistling at me and calling me on d
street wer i was jogging at. wellz,.... this happened to
me wen i was i think 16 yrs old. that's pretty much
lyk 15 yrs ago. sooo then i was able to escape from that
dirty old man (he wasn't really that old) then i was on d
other block jogging. while i was jogging some old man was
fixing his car outside of his front yard and i saw his
penis sticking out coz' he was wearing some loosed short
shorts and his balls and dick was all sticking out. i
don't even know if he knew about it or watever but he was
under his car and i saw. lol. wierd right. i did looked
coz' it was right there and i can't help it coz' d reason
y that i did looked at him coz' i thought that he was
going to stand up or watever or change his position if i
did saw but he didn't move or anything and he didn't even
bother to look at me and he was just fixing his car. then
i was on to the other block and it's sooo true..... i saw
an old man on d back of his red car jerking off (i swear
this is sooo true) and i knew that he saw me bhut he
didn't even bother to stop wat he was doing u know or
watever. he just kept on jerking off lol. 3 happenings all
in 1 day lol. i went home and i was bursting off laughing
and i was laughing it off with my mates with us talking
about a different topic. i swear i never told a soul about
it just naw and online too. i really never had told anyone
about this bhut just today in my own ol diary. that's why
i earlier said that i just really have to let this off my
chest.:" that was some wierd day. i mean,..... i would
never forget that day. it was summer too man and i just
came home from summer school that day. watever. o well. i
thought that they wer the wierdest people on earth that
day. well,.... funk jackson hieghts lol. OR RATHER SHOULD
I CALL IT "jackson heits" "jackson h8s".....

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