Jack's Twisted Kingdom
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2006-10-31 13:12:01 (UTC)

rocky horror show, again

tonight was hooligan's eve. that special night when all those
trouble makers out there get their freak on, and make life oh
so miserable for the mundane and the un-enlightened.

I know this, because I was once one of them.

from the cold iron age of 13 til just after all-hallows eve
after my 19th birthday, I ran with some, friends, and we did
many a fun, and fickle thing. Toilet papering tree's in those
perfect cut lawns, lit brown bags of offal on peoples porches
doused expensive cars in rotten eggs soaked in vodka, beer and
vinegar, and exploding firecrackers and cherry bombs near
buses and roadways, and old abandoned houses.

you could I was a trouble maker when I was young.

tomorrow I was supposed to go out, but alas, twill not be.
ah well, such is life. next year I'll plan something out,
although I'm sure if I hadn't have just moved here I'd
havehad some plan.

next year, like all years, I'll be going as a pirate.

except last year, I went as Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

but once again, as I did the other day, I'm off to see
the rocky horror picture show tonight, yehaw....

all I need toast, 12 rolls of toilet paper and to find
that squirt gun I had the other night.