Nick's Journal
2006-10-31 03:21:49 (UTC)

If Jed wants the bananas he gets the bananas!

there i was walking back to law school. returning from my
third hearing appointment in what appears to be a futile
attempt at trying to get a hearing aid. walking back to
legal writing going over the legal arguments i was to raise
in just 11 minutes i witnessed nothing too out of the ordinary.
a girl was walking in front of me a ways trailing a cart
which had upon it a couple of bananas. she hit a bump and a
couple of the bananas fell off.
i ran up behind her to pick them up and let her know. when
something out of the ordinary happened. another man (whom
we will call jed) beat me to the bananas.
now at first i thought that jed just wanted to get with the
girl trailing the bananas but then i saw jed pull out a
plastic grocery bag and tuck the bananas within it.
i stared in disbelief for about 1/3 of a millisecond and
then asked,
"what are you doing?"
"what's it to you?"
and at that point my heart took that skip and my stomach
felt that pang of fear that there may be a fight. did i
just really go to the lengths of challenging someone who was
apparently so deranged such as to steal bananas?
i had...maybe i was pissed at the endless steps i needed to
take to get a hearing aid.
"um...uh, they, those fell of the cart."
"yeah, so?"
at this point jed was holding the bag behind him as if i
could at any moment attempt to steal his bananas.
i looked at him as quizzically as possible without inciting
a riot.
then i just caught up with the girl pulling the cart and
told her. she turned around and stared at jed who was
staring at us. and she just pointed and laughed.
jed turned a color that was beyond red and then two thoughts
raced through my head.
1.) this is better than him getting any criminal punishment
2.) i have 4 minutes until my oral argument