Enter My World...
2006-10-29 14:46:25 (UTC)

i don't like sunday's

man, i'm down

this time last week we were setting off to go to hull in a
few hours. a week later and what am i doing? we probably
won't be doing anything tonight, and all i have to look
forward to is college. yeh, note the sarcasm.

hull was just amazing. we went to fuel last sunday night,
and i got terribily wasted. we went to waterfront on the
monday, but i couldn't enjoy it because i was too worried
about les and lee (arguing...they are fine now) and college
(momma txt saying they'd sent a letter saying i had to
attend a formal interview on tuesday), but it was a good
night. we got back and some paedo closed the window from the
outside, which was rather creepy, so me n ben took it one
step further, and whilse nobody was watching he banged on
the window & everyone screamed...everyone shat thereselves,
untill we changed the subject. katie got in a mood because
we didn't go to bed till like...5am, but it's expected these
days. whenever she's baked, she ends up in a mood. it's
rather annoying.

yeh, college want me to attend a formal interview. i'm *so*
gonna let rip, because i don't think they realise how much
i've worked my arse off, so fuck this "contract" they wanna
put me on (basically, you can't have any free lessons, and
you've got to do work)...no WONDER the college might be
getting closed down next year. i'll have to go to maths
tomorrow, which i'm not looking forward to in the slightest,
because nathan's in that class and he'll tell ben, and obv
i've told everyone i'm not doing re-sit maths. *sigh* i
dispise college, but i'm gonna get things sorted by tuesday,
because i'm sick of the bastards breathing down my neck
because i miss a couple of lessons. i get the work done, so
what's the problem? besides that, my attendence has improved
a GREAT deal since the beginning of term, so ya know. i'm
just sick of the sight of that college, but i'm NOT
quitting, because this is last chance saloon. if i don't
complete this year, i won't get to go to uni, and that's
clearly not an option, because this time next year i want to
be writing an entry, whilse i'm sitting in a room at Hull
uni. i really just can't wait to move. i'm gonna miss my
mother heeps, but i'll be always back. only 10.5 months
away. i've got to keep telling myself that, otherwise i'm

i've suggested to kt that we should go to sandsend, and whip
on that trail. she won't wanna do that, which'll put me in
even more of a sour mood.

hopefully going to hull on thr 25th and 26th november. we're
going to newcastle on the 30th, so that weeks gonna be mad.
i need to find at least 130 quid for both of them
occassions. sian's wanting to come to hull, so yey. sian's
fabulous. she just needs to become a full-time member of the
group. that's looking more likely these days, because we're
seeing a lot more of her.

argh. nobodys messaged me on MySpace. man, that really is an
addictive site.

sooo wanna see Saw III. we'll have to convince kt to take us
this week, but i doubt she will. she hates horror films :(

i'm gonna go...still in a foul mood (oh, kt b's foning...i'm
not answering, because i cba to go into town), and i'm not
looking forward to tomorrow and tuesday whatsoever, but hey,
i'm just gonna have to get on with it. i'll just think about
how amazing the last week of november is gonna be. *orgasms*