Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2006-10-29 11:20:23 (UTC)


I gnaw upon the stained glass,
chewing the shards in pulp, I
drain the cup half filled with
euphoric blistering white wine

I raise the cup into the light,
the crumbs splatter forth from
my laughing gait as I lilt my
head and squint up into the sun

the rain sparkles with feeling,
and there i sit fermenting the
glory of the rising sun, but I
cannot see, for i am blind to
all but the man in blackened
cajun pin stripes

I am the poster childe for the
reckless endangerment of positive
thinking wrought of cold hard
steel thrust into the soul, hard
pecked and grossly engrossed

Fettered and bound am I to the
wretched chairs of reasoning,
can I see forth? nay, I see
nothing but the ambition

I am a slave to my ambition,
and it's drained black blood
lust following the rising tide
of the crescent moons light