The Up's and Down's
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2006-10-26 09:56:12 (UTC)


What you say is only half a story.
When you speak those enchanted words, I have no worry.

Caught up in the happily-ever-after,
long after you've shut the book and locked it tight,
through the wind lingers our laughter.

The words that bring life to my heart, cure all that is to
The background that's gripping me has left to unreel.

You say our forever is more than just a word,
your storybook is the source from which I've learned.

I wonder why you had to tell me.
Why did you have to mess with "we?"

We created the beautiful scenery that turned gray with
your manipulating touch.
Your words and quarter true promises proved to be too much.

When the magic is lifted and all is said and done, my
heart is left behind.
Our happily-ever-after resigned.