Dave's Mental Meanderings
2006-10-26 00:23:43 (UTC)

Poem - "For Nick and Juliann on their Wedding Day"

“For Nick and Juliann on their Wedding Day”

I’ve been sitting here now for an hour at least
Sucking down coffee and Marlboro Reds,
With nothing to show but a blank piece of paper
For the stubborn thoughts in my head.
Nick, my friend, I’m sorry to say
That words for once let me down,
What sonnet can I steal to express how I feel
For the luckiest man in town?
With what catchy rhyme can I sum up the time
That you’ve spent in her comforting arms?
What clever narration describes your intoxication
While under the spell of her charms?
And you, Juliann, with your handsome new man,
Fresh from exchanging your vows,
I find myself wanting to say so much more
Than the English language allows.
What turn of phrase can tell of the days
When you leaned on him like a crutch?
And how time and again he coaxed out a grin
When you didn’t feel like laughing that much.
What song can I sing of the smile I’ve seen
On your face when he walks in the room?
What poetic ploy can express the pure joy
Of two lovers when love is in bloom?
No I can’t find the words to say how I feel
But my efforts won’t be for naught,
I’ll ask everyone to raise up their glasses
And I’ll end with one final thought.
If you’re both half as good at being husband and wife
As you are at being my friend,
You’ve got a lifetime of happiness to look forward to
And a love that never will end.