Nick's Journal
2006-10-21 00:42:17 (UTC)

It's kind of hard to be in a group with two girls you've had sex with

now i'm a married man and i am a one woman guy,
unfortunately my subconscious sees otherwise. on monday i
had a sex dream and as much as i try to control my
subconscious it decided that i was to have sex with two
women, neither of which was my beautiful wife. these two
women happen to sit on the left and right of me in civil
procedure. now, you know that kind of weird/surreal feeling
you get when you've had a dream about someone? well
multiply that times a billion and you get a sex dream view
of a person. i mean essentially i'd seen these two girls
naked and well, you know. let's move on.
it was all good and well after the first 15 mins of civil
procedure. well that afternoon i was to meet my assigned
group to draft a complaint for misuse of land. now i'm
horrible with names and (unbeknownst to my idiotic self) i
had in fact been e-mailing with two girls with whom i
regularly speak. only i DIDN'T know it was them so i can
only imagine how weird my e-mail of, "so should we get a
study room so that we'll be able to better locate each
other" must have sounded.
anyways, there i am sitting in the study room on the 4th
floor of our beautiful law library. staring out of the
window at the silent explosions of rain drops as they
careened onto the ledge in front of me.
"hey, nick!" i hear behind me and i turn and my jaw almost
hit the ground. it was them. and the funny thing was that
i had this weird premonition that i would be with them in
this room, which is odd considering that i thought i was
meeting with other girls.
anyhow, the 3 of us are in this room and i'm sweatin' nuts
over there in my chair. i seriously felt like i had to say
something like, "look whatever happened between us was
completely in my subcsoncious" but thankfully, what remained
of my common sense held me from doing this.
now i'm sitting in this room with these two girls and i'm
tring to draft a complaint on a nuisance violation. do you
know how hard it is to draft a complaint regarding a
nuisance violation with two people with whom you have had
"sex" with? it's hard.
i just think i need some more sleep......yes, more sleep.