Jack's Twisted Kingdom
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2006-10-19 06:52:50 (UTC)

cherry kissed roses

aye, got a sweet kiss from a
lovely girl who's lips felt like
roses, tasted like a cherry...

who could ask for more? certainly
not I, today, was a good day.

I had a sudden thought, of rain
and dancing in it, and dragging
her out and kissing her by a
tree.. weird how you think of
things while sitting under a
tree waiting for the bus to
arrive... made me think of all
those years ago, red trusses
I envied so...


fumbled with a sigh,
her shredded clothes tossed
to the wayside

her skirt foisted up,
breasts a-heaved and
tenderly squeezed

showing her passion no doubt,
my searching tongue
kissing her in and out

her lips awake, my
fetish engorged, all but
yearned for me to slake

headboards a slammin and
the walls all shaken,
she's certainly not, a fake-in

tantalising her with tales
between the sheets, she laughs
as I tickle her both her feet

i'm loathe to admit,
the fun was all done
that night we met

squirming away,
the game we played,
breaking a sweat

and night passed by,
sundered and flayed
we slept the day away

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