2006-10-18 05:50:43 (UTC)

a little mental inventory of the tasks you have accomplished and the goals you need to tackle next.

First let's reflect on the bliss and the blessings in my

1) My best friend Teresa.
...........Allow me to emphasize why she is such a great
friend by using real life examples....
Chris's best friend lives in Vegas and fell in with
the wrong crowd. There are very many times when these two
don't talk for months and Chris gets worried about his
friend. When I first met him, I really wanted to connect
with him because this was a matter that was troubling him
at the moment. He and Roderick became very distant, and he
was worrying about losing him.
Today I visited Elizabeth in the hospital. She's
going for her 2nd bone marrow transplant tomorrow.
Yesterday she called me in regards to saturday. We got to
some more talking and she broke down crying. She told me
how she hasn't heard from Steph, her alleged best friend
in over a month. (They live walking distance from each
other.) Liz has all this time in the hospital to think.
Steph has not gone out of her way to visit her best friend
at home when she can't leave the house. I'm not sure if
she visited her at the hospital. Truth is that Steph is
really busy. But still, if it's your best friend,
especially when she's going through something tramatic
like leukemia for the second time, you have to be there.
And Steph isn't.
.....................Which leads me to my first blessing
Teresa. My best friend, my sister. Through hardships we've
survived, if I'd be in the hospital I know she'd make time
to call, and if she were in town I know she'd visit,
unless there would be some complications with the kids.
I don't have to worry about her getting into the wrong
crowd, doing drugs, or even making bad choices. Actually
the only thing I worry about in regards to Teresa is that
she stops moving so much and settle on what she wants and
pursue it fully. Letting all other distractions, and
responcibilities take the back seat for a little bit. The
funny thing is that she has kinda done a big chunk of
that. I think decisions like that make us stronger people.
But only when we stick to them. I'm very happy for her
being in that course, and having a job. I see that she is
constantly increasing her decision making skills. Like her
new venture with the kids that came out of neccessity. I
admire people who can make and take such decisions.

SO here's to my first blessing my sis, Teresa! Cheers!!!

2) My second is Chris.
.............................Why thankful for a guy??????
Naturally because he is not just any guy. My resume
of past dates, boyfriends and affairs has variety, but
nothing deep and strong. Everyone I ever hooked up with, I
never go to the point of trust that Chris and I already
had on our first date. I trusted, and still trust him
because we were friends before lovers and that has set up
a very strong base for the relationship. Besides that, I'm
fortunate enough to love for the first time. I still don't
truly understand it. I do, but I can't put it in words. I
just can't help what I feel. And when I don't meet with
him for atleast 2 days out of the week, I become a sadder
person, and I couldn't figure out why for a little while.
Then I saw who drastically bettered my mood. We didn't
have to do anything special. Just being with him playing
video games is plenty.
I think I'm more fortunate then many couples I've
known before. The unfortunate thing is that some of these
still exist, when everyone agrees it shouldn't be. For
example: Kasia and David. He is a pig, a slob, an
alcoholic, cheap etc... She is nagging, and controlling.
They've been together over 3 years. Why does she stay with
him? Why does he stay with her? She cheated on him
overseas. I'm thankful not to be in such a negative
.......For all these things and more, I love Chris my
lover, my blessing. I'm greateful to have him, and to have
him still................

3) My Job is third on the list
..............I'm thankful for having a job that pays well
and is steady. I won't go into examples but to
summarize... There's amazing people, it's hard to hate
anyone. It pays better then any other job I've had. I
still have it. My first two bartending jobs I've lost or
quit in 3 days, and had to wear a miniskirt. WTF. So this
job is truly a blessing, and I might as well call it my
career, because that is what it is.

::::The Things I've Accomplished This Year::::

-Got out of debt
-Got a boyfriend
-Got IRA
-Got Vocational Training
-Got Career
-Began establishing assets:
vid camera....which is practically obsolete,but still
digi stollen but maybe warranty covers
laptop...I love it
-Started School
-Accumulated funds
-Took a long over due shopping spree

::::Things I Still Need To Accomplish::::

-Buy car
-Move out
Once this then do more Wicca
-Get stable income
-Restart doing little things that are me:
Set up library (This includes current collection
join that 100 classic books 1 per month thing.)
Wai Lanna Yoga
set up structure on comp to help make movies, write
books, etc...
-Fix my teeth


Well, I believe that the amount of money I have will not
help in the long run. It should all follow once I've
attained stable income. So it should end up being...
Stable income
Buy Car
Move out
Restart doing little things
The fix teeth really depends weather or not the stable
income will come from a job with benefits or unemployment
or what. THat's enough for now though. Much more to do and
me much tired.