Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2006-10-17 23:32:59 (UTC)

Pyro & the Gale


Laughter breaks in a moonlit sky
bringing forth that lovely smile

Cast away, the shores of pain, doubt
never forget the winds of change

The cowardly roar of shame bleats,
the singing lust does await

The rolling hills of ecstasy remain within
the smoothed touch, my fingers edge

Across the shores, so far away I wait
I lust, I need some subtle malign

Motionless in sudden heat
coming from your shell

the time is nigh
when the dawn sky breaks

well of touched skin,
new emotion leaving us in a swell

'Til next we meet in dreamed felled lakes,
my soul kissed lover

when the moon dances

The Gale

soldiers marked by gundust and grit,
fettered and trudging endlessly on
marred by the shotguns hit

arid and dry the scorched air
damned them in time,
sand plumes exploding without sound

the shattered air richochet's off
their melted brow's,
fingering triggers ever again

bleeding hearts and blistered minds,
waiting, the cacophony
churning in sweat at a stank beat

hates spills on greased slicked
hills, the minds eye dead
and thier acrimony chills

waited the enemy strikes,
casting off sheets of bullets
down into their sights

the lone man stands,
bloodied and burned in
a shining state

cast away in the winds,
time beats on
but nary one returns