Jack's Twisted Kingdom
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2006-10-15 02:26:02 (UTC)


my minds a gutter
that frantic taste of
your mouth,
the glimpse of char
winding round your eye,
lashes all aflutter

I'm all awake,
smelling the rose hued
lips you spread wide,
gushing your strawberry
teased essense, I've
imbibed and slaked

flick away the cover,
there's much warmth
here, stretched and torn
my limbs scratched, and
soon the night be ever
so over

catatonic freeze, the
gale cresendo pitched forth
I would my heart sing,
to blissful resounding
your abated breath,
shouting into the winds
cold breeze

lust ever unbound,
taking your hands and
kissing them softly
ever and over
licking your skin
round and round

candle's lit,
and steam fired
passions abound,
the windows fog beats
us ever on

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