Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2006-10-14 10:36:31 (UTC)

the lascivious view

I have a view of the city from my room,
it's actually a balcony that I have in
my room, thusly making it the largest
one in the house. Although my room is
orange, like a damned pumkin, but all
in all, considering that I have so much
black and silver things, it seems to
have dulled the initial shock of it,
and now my room looks rather appealing.

Such as it is.

I need, a wall of bookcases, running
the entire length of the room on the
far wall, some plants, and perhaps a
proper bed frame for my futon. Then,
and only then will it be complete.

Normally, I abhore hardwood floors, but
in this instance, I almost feel as though
i've been robbed, lol, which in itself
is a strange twist of fate.

That aside. I think I've finally found
a place I can call home. For now, in
any event.

I should think jen would be quite at
home on the balcony during the summer
painting with a full easle, looking
out into the skylit city line. I am
actually thinking of dumping the couch
thats in there now, and replacing it
with a hammock, and perhaps a giant
wicker chair to which to sit on.

I know I need some speakers for the
balcony, it's in desperate need of
something like that..

Well, I'll see what happens.

You know who I miss? The old me. The
kid I used to be, before I was 16, I'd
had about 30 encounters with girls,
all of them in a sexual nature, without
of course, having had sexual intercourse,
but pretty much everything else.

I had a silver tongue, and I could
turn a girls interest in me, with quite
relative ease. Hell, even 5 years ago
I could have gotten more dates than I
think I could now. I get dates with
girls all the time actually.

But none of them ever pan out into
anything. I think I'm power dating.

I've yet to go on a date this whole
year, aside from once, and it actually
go somewhere.

I'm really quite bitter about it.

I met an old acquaintance on the bus,
a girl, I'd not seen in about 8 years,
which was odd, and completely lucked
out. She's going to simon fraser, and
lo, she's gotten much cuter, we're going
for coffee next week sometime.

We can reminisce about the old days
on Colony, ahh.. such fond memories of
her and ben smoking weed and running
around at midnight, freaking out from
being high as a kite.

I miss having someone I could speak to
with no allusions, and not having to
hide anything, or worry about what she
might or might not think.

She knows everything, she was there.

I think I really smiled today.