Torrance the Vamp

The Vamp's Mind
2006-10-14 06:54:03 (UTC)

I'm a nerd

I got the new calculator. And I'm like obsessed with it.
But I'm so tired. And like I dunno. I'm sinking again I
guess. Today was an interesting day. It was work work and
play. Dishes and laundry and then shopping and football
game. Which sarah kinda ditched me at. I mean like we
never hang out that much anymore and I just kinda felt
replaced by the boyfriend. Oh well I guess. I gotta move
on and realize I guess that I wasn't meant to have
friends. One by one I feel like I'm losing them all.
Either because of being replaced or just not having
classes with them anymore or things in common with them
anymore. Ashley and Veronica are glued. So no room for me.
Amanda and Michelle. Rebecca and Matt. Sarah and her Matt.
Me and rachel are losing each other because nothing is in
common. And same with Katelyn. And besides it's the
Katelins anyways. I'm alone.

Thought of the Day/Night:

No life no love no happiness

so much for no sadness. that never lasted.

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