2001-10-09 19:37:01 (UTC)

Friday 10/6

Hey! This is my online dairy for those who
didn't know. i know ppl probably don't want to read about
the pathetic boring life of a 12 year old but o well.

Dear Diary,
Today was a really bad day. My freinds Leandra and Laura
were like fighting the whole day. So were Jessi and Kelly
(but i dont really know them) Laura and Leandra like
always fight it's really annoying too cus they like choose
sides and stuff. Then they get mad @ like me too im like
oooook how did i get involved in all of this?? we got
progress reports today ahhhhhh. I did ok n 1 class and
pretty bad n the rest. School is really starting to get on
my nerves. I hate our team soo much. When I got home
Laura and Leandra like made up but they're still a lil bit
mad at eachother. Im sleeping over at Leandras tonight.
Her house is like soo big. Her brother scares me though
lol. Lauras coming too she like made Leandra invite her
lol. I like had to ask leandra to invite her. Tomorrow im
supposed to work on our Mars project with Laura. Shes
supposed to come over @ 2:00. Fun, fun.....ya........
our project is really annoying grr. Leandra's mom is
picking me, laura, and leandra uo after our dance class.
Well I gg get ready for dance.



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