Jack's Twisted Kingdom
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2006-10-10 22:36:18 (UTC)


I shall slake my thirst
upon the quivering
of your lips made ambrosia

deftly struck my tongue
peirced with frosted steel
I expose your tempestousness

silky sexy liar, I endure
your vissage in cashmere
into the night, fleeting

nigh comes nights full roar
come take a walk with me,
down the road of soft lust

slowly dressed undressed I
abate with heated breath
my touch drapes across your skin

hallowed and steamed, thine eyes
shine with blue lilting sheen
the shallow heave of your chest

the pricked cold glaze of sultry
panted breath cascades across your
parted pink luscious lips

harrowing and slammed against a wall
binded unbound your lust rides
nary a care for the lasted call

from base line to burgeoning throb
it's all a game of tic tac toe
come now, and so shall I

softly embraced and colasped in arms
I cannot remember a loftier time
so sleep away the night with me