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2006-10-10 05:51:12 (UTC)

Gender Mixup

"Omg! i luv ur poems, u no u could pretty much win any
girl's heart with your poetry.. i can't believe how
amazing that was! i read all 3 of them and i want to read
more!" - AFI-fan8 :)

Lol my user name on there is Torrancethevamp. She must've
thought I was a guy. Hilariousness.

Too bad I'm not a guy I could win chick's hearts

"no offense but.. your poetry never won my heart
over..I've just never thought of you that way
before...well at least you know your options are open;)" -


Thought of the Day:

It's 10:49 and I haven't done my english hw. And my legs
are going to die in the next 3 weeks. And I can't get
guys' hearts. Why do things always work the opposite!!!

I still have to write that poem title unknown it was so
good at the time but now I'm out of mood.