Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2006-10-08 07:15:49 (UTC)

the great pumpkin

I live in a pumpkin colored room. My room looks
like the outside of a pumpkin, it only needs a
cutout face thing for the outside, and it'd be
a real pumpkin, I mean, my light makes it look
like it's being illuminated by a candle.

Got invited to go to penticton for thanksgiving
by my step grams monday, and I think I'll probably
go, which means I have to leave monday morning at
7am for the bus and then it's 8 hours there or
pretty close to it.

But meh, I don't know, we'll see if anything
interesting pops up, might not, but I can always
hope it will.

Fern, you need to come up for halloween, TOM!!!
you bastard, you also need to come down for farking
halloween, we need to get drunkenly debaucherous,
bring teh new wifey!! lol

That, and the Rocky Horror picture show is NIGH!!

And yea, for there were pale skinned girls in
auburn colored curls, and one of them be named..

Columbia... and all was well...

I have my plans set for the 28th, going to a house
party, gotta get my freak on, lol.. and then on all
hallows eve, I've no plans wot-so-evah planned.

except maybe kidnapping or renting a small child
and going trick or treating..

OH OH! Martini party on thursday, I'm so stoked!!