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2006-10-07 22:52:15 (UTC)

Condoms for the heart - avoding STD's "Spiritually transmitted diseases"

I've been thinking a lot lately about Sex. Hahaha, that
sounds kind of funny. Ok, let me re phrase that. I've
been thinking a lot lately about sexual purity. I've been
going through this whole spiritual renewal in my life
lately and part of that renewal is spiritually cleaning
house. All of us are spiritual beings and as we involve
ourselves in things of this world, we give certain spirits
power over us. As God draws us back to Himself and brings
us to a place of holiness and purity, He

a) calls us to give up things in our lives that are
keeping us from Him

b) breaks the spiritual strongholds that are
influencing us and releases us from the bondage that we
have gotten ourselves in.

Whenever we make a decision to get involved in certain
sinful activities, we are allowing those spirits permission
over us again – some of those activities are a little more
serious than others in terms of ramifications – for
example, participating in occult activities opens
destructive doors in our lives, and sexual involvement with
another person also opens those doors.

I would like to pause right her and mention that the Lord
is so much bigger than Satan could ever hope to be and so I
don't want to emphasize satan's power in our lives – but
it's very important for Christians to know this stuff,
because there are times when we want to come to God and we
are struggling, or when we can't get a certain thought out
of our minds….these spiritual strongholds have a lot to do
with it….

Something I would like to address specifically is sexual
activity with other people:

There are numerous reasons that the Lord has told us to
abstain from Sexual activity until marriage – the obvious
one now is STD's, HIV, emotional hurt, etc…but it goes much
deeper than that – something that is rarely talked about:
When a person has sex with another person (and yes ladies
and gentlemen – Oral sex is STILL SEX….just in case anyone
was looking to justify a little behavior, as I did when I
was younger) it creates a soul tie with that person. This
may not be the first time that you have heard that – but
your souls become connected, and in that process, you are
allowing an open spiritual connection between you and that
other person. Because of that, whatever spiritual
attachments and struggles (demons) that that person is
struggling with…you have all of a sudden given them power
over your life.

This is important to know. If you are a young girl, a
follower of Christ and you pray, and you are temple of the
Holy spirit, and you have prayed against any strongholds in
your life, (so you don't have any spiritual attachments
with Demons) and then you start dating some guy – and he's
dabbled in Wicca a little bit, and maybe he's slept with
one or two people here and there….or maybe he's just
unsaved, whatever the case may be, Then you believe that
you have fallen in love with this person, and you decide to
have sex with that person – all of a sudden you have made
yourself vulnerable not only physically and emotionally to
another person – but you have also made yourself vulnerable
to spiritual attack. The next day when you are feeling
distant from God, and guilty and used, and ….whatever….all
of the things that you struggle with afterwards, they may
be the result of those spiritual attacks. Now there are a
host of other things that can play into this – upbringing,
emotional stuff…etc…but the spiritual stuff is there, and
nobody ever talks about this…it's important.

But the good news is that we have victory over this! As
Christians we have power and authority by the blood of
Jesus Christ, and we can take authority over those spirits –
But it's probably good to have another Christian pray for

Let me explain how this relates to my life. I have always
been a Christian, I have always loved the Lord. When I was
in high school and college, I got involved in a couple of
unhealthy situations, but the Lord brought me back out of
them again, and I moved on, grew in my relationship with
Christ, and then got married (lol…we all know how that one
turns out…) My husband and I led worship at a church
together - and we were people that really wanted to follow
the Lord – but we both had issues to work out in ourselves,
and we didn't realize it. When I left him, I started
reading this book (How people grow, Cloud&Townsend) and God
started moving so powerfully in my life. I got brought to
this new church and really started experiencing the gifts
of the spirit – really seeing the true power of the Lord.
It's all right there in the bible – the Lord tells us that
He would pour out His spirit on all flesh in the last days
and that we are to cast out demons, lay hands and heal the
sick, prophecy….(just in case anyone has any theological
issue with what I'm saying right now)

Anyway, as I started going through this healing process, I
was so committed to getting healthy – really walking with
the Lord…and really living a life that Glorifies Him. But
then my emotional baggage started to get the best of me,
and once again I found myself in a situation where I was
put in a compromising situation with a guy. (just in case
any of you are curious…not that it's anyone's business…we
did not have sex…) But what that situation did was bring
out so much in me emotionally. "What's wrong with me?"…etc….
(that's a whole different story). But that next day I went
to a gathering at someone's house, and people in the group,
that are anointed and have experience in this type of
thing) laid hands on me and delivered me from all of the
spiritual garbage that I had been aligning myself with for
years! They spiritually cleaned house. Seriously, I could
feel the stuff coming out, it was a sight to be seen – I
have spent my whole life as a transient in this world – and
along the way I had "picked up" spirits here and there –
some are generational things, some are as a result of our
own sin, etc….But after that, I was purified spiritually
speaking, so I was to fill myself with the Holy Spirit and
walk in the freedom and life.

After that "cleansing" process if I had gone out and had
sex with another person, I would have been inviting those
spirits back into my life all over again (and the bible
talks about them returning sevenfold). Ok, so here is the
point – about all of this – Of course I struggle with
purity – I'm going through a whole very in depth healing
process in my life right now so there are multiple things
that the Lord is trying to deal with me about – and my
struggle is with running back to the world and getting
involved in various things, so that I can numb the pain
that God is bringing up – trying to emotionally dull
myself – but what I'm realizing is that there aren't just
emotional and physical consequences (for instance smoking)
but there is the spiritual consequence as well.

So the Modern Feminist movement would like us to believe
that we can go out and sleep around and just use a condom,
it will keep you from getting pregnant (which isn't true)
and it will protect you from HIV (which is also not true…
the smallest pore in a condom is 10 times BIGGER than the
HIV virus!!) and you can go out and have the fun that you
want. But what they don't tell you is about the emotional
consequences, the way it breaks the hearts of young girls
everywhere (I really can't speak for what it does to men…)
but there is no such thing as a condom for the heart, and
there is no such thing as a spiritual condom – to keep from

So what about people who don't have that problem – maybe
you are completely capable of enjoying sex with out feeling
guilty, and used, and you don't feel the spiritual baggage…
well…if that's the case, I must say that in a truly honest
sense, I kind of envy you. I WISH I could just have casual
sex and not feel the emotional pain of it. But if you tell
me that I would point out that you are still forming soul
ties with the individuals you sleep with – but you know,
that may not be a problem for some people. I'm really not
here to judge. I'm not here to preach. Honestly. I have
no place saying anything, because I have my own struggles,
and God focuses on different areas in our lives. He isn't
mad at us for what we do and don't do, He just wants us to
come to Him regardless! No matter what! That's the part
of the story that my Christian upbringing failed to teach
me – the love that the Lord has for me.

So when I do make decisions that I may not see as the most
healthy for myself, I pick myself back up, I crawl back to
the feet of my Father, who holds me and loves me, and helps
me deal with the underlying hurt, and then I move on.
There is no place for condemnation.

I would love for you to leave your comments and reactions
to this posting.

Please message me if you need prayer or have any questions