Nick's Journal
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2006-10-07 22:48:14 (UTC)

Getting a hearing-aid is depressing

i know i'm half deaf. i can't heard a god damned thing out
of my left ear and my right ear isn't much better. but
still, for the past 10 years i've been holding onto the
false assumption that it hasn't affected my life. well it
has. it has pissed of those trying ot communicate with me
and i don't even wnat to think about everyone i annoyed by
not hearing them and having them think that i was just
ignoring them.
so i went in to get the good old audiological test.
i was the only person int he waiting room at 2:30 on a
friday afternoon. the magazines were all shit so i mosied
over to the "children's section" . it had that cool play
thing where these wooden blocks are on these steel rods and
you can kind of wind them through the many different
constructions. sort of like beads on a necklace.
i played with this for a while. pushing the beads up one
band, and then letting them fall down the other -
i noticed that the receptionist was eyeing me at this point
and was probably wondering..."is he half-deaf or just
completely insane?"
so i stopped the playing and picked up a book.
it was the book of patrick the hearing impaired rabbit.
good christ.
you see patrick had a problem. as a bunny he noticed that
he couldn't hear his mother calling him to his dinner at the
family table...all of his brothers and sisters would
"hop-hop" to the dinner table, with poor patrick hanging out
in the garden like a pure dipshit.
later on he realized that he was not as fast as the others
because he failed to hear the starting gun of the races he
was apparently involved in at school.
well patrick got a hearing aid (provided by phonatik who
apparently dominates the market) and at first...he was a bit
shy about it. his large ears drew attention to his problem
and his fellow rabbits made fun of him.
but then one day of the race he heard the gun at the exact
same time as his compatriots and he beat them all!
morale of the story? don't let hearing drag you down from
what you could conceivably achieve through your inherent
duly noted.
duly depressed.