This is the beloved air I breathe
2006-10-06 02:57:36 (UTC)

My darlings, I have missed you!

I'm sorry to my ever so faithful following who have missed
my writing her on original and faithful
online blog. LOL....In reality, nobody probably reads
this thing, but the beauty of this website is that I feel
it's private. It's like climbing deep into a cave and
scribbling one's most intimate thoughts onto the walls -
you hope that someone will search deep and long enough to
find them - to discover you, but you know that in reality,
that will probably never happen.

I have been writing a lot on Myspace....I got sucked into
the hole that is pop much for
being a non-conformist. :)
well, so that's where I am - I suppose if you are
interested in me, you'll have to check out both websites,
as I update each at different times.
leave some love