2006-10-04 20:37:21 (UTC)

The twisted turbulance that my blindness seeks...

Help me carry over harry 3 birds swear they saw you there
Ask my mother she's no bother, to the events that describe
a hare
Motionsless, Frivolous avengence of a batless killer in
the night
The sacrifice is surrender, my favor is tonight
The night kills for me and we hunt for them that take our
pray. I need to do this I need so much. The slaughter of
my mother never was such a bother until I wrote this down
on paper before you kill my insufficient flaughter let me
point out one more plot. THat woman is a monster. She
looks not at me but at the computer screen. Wastes away in
holy greens. Black and purple hair is nothing to compare
the life that has been drained out of me.

I miss writing. I realized that days off of work and
school are only for the purpose of hanging out. If I don't
have a deadline, to do something before I have to do
something else, it will never get done. I'll be back
later, an idea filled my head and I must give it wings
before they get cut off..