Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2006-10-03 08:13:51 (UTC)

Void Werks X

Illicit dreams of common things,
tasted lust by candles waxed light.

I feel empty. I am empty. But, I
have hope for something, on the
horizon line. I can see something
there, and wonder if the new days
dusk brings me closer than I dare.

To touch such bright darkness
would mean to shed the skin of
night I proclaim to be of mine
own design.

Such is my minds eye.

Why do I sound like such a damned
loser? Why do I alwasy write like
this, this melancholy bullshit?


don't I just jump off the edge
and just do something instead of
waiting for something to happen??

I'll tell you why. FEAR.

Fear of rejection, fear of being shot
down, fear is what is keeping me down.

Well Fear.. Fuck you.

And fuck your "fearing" ness too!!

Time for something drastic.