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2006-09-28 17:59:50 (UTC)

What happned to Matt?!?!?!?!

Well, Matt hadn't called me in like a week and normally he
calls me every Wensday, Friday, and Saturday so i was a
little worried about that. My mom kept saying "Nett, its
over between you guys" But, of course it wasn't. I just
kept thinking what could have happned to make him not call
me since Last Wensday?!?!?! Well this following Wensday
MATTHEW finnally called me!!! Of course he couldn't get a
word in edge wise cause i was yelling at him non stop.
Finnally I let him explain. He told me that the phones got
shut off in the dorm then he got kicked out of his dorm (B)
for fighting and sent back to the dorm he was orginally in
(A). Then he asked me if I was coming down to see
him....YES in 2 WEEKS!!! Then he comes home! I can't
believe January is sooo close.. its really closer then I
thought. Christmas is coming up as well and I put some
things on layaway for Kaden. He is going to have the best
first christmas EVER!! I'm excited. Matt says we are going
to have to have like another lil christmas thing so that he
can be there....Still won't be the same :(!