Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2006-09-28 14:10:21 (UTC)


yes. I'm a slacker.

I need a real job, doing 2 or 3 days of
peice work for this buttfuck temp agency
is killing. I can't stand the monotony.

I have zero love life. and while I think
I could start one, I don't want to blow
it, and I'd be deeply afraid to do so.

I had a date planned with this girl I'd
gone out for coffee a few weeks ago, but
she bailed on me, so I went off and had
a nigh enjoyable night all to myself.

it probably wouldn't have worked out in
any event.. she didn't seem the type to
whom I could really "get" and I dunno, I
just don't think she'd have gotten me

You'd think making a connection with
someone wouldn't be hard.. but fucking hell
it sure as hell is. Finding someone who
won't judge you, and just simply accept you
is really fucking hard. And it just seems
as though it's harder all the time

Had two martini's, then went to the
white spot for dinner, and finally went
to see Last Kiss, a damned good movie
where I almost cried in, but then it
just sort of faltered, too bad, the
story was good..

I suddenly felt a need like edward norton in
fight club, a suddent urge to go and join
a Testicular Cancer group, or something and
do what he did.. lol

what an image that would be..

But who would be my Marla?