Random (boring) Thoughts
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2006-09-28 03:00:16 (UTC)


Sometimes I lay awake and worry about my life. I think
everyone has done this at some point.

Usually, it's strange fears about ending up alone, not
having enough time to complete projects, or having no
friends. Last night, though, my thoughts turned to another

You see, last year, I had no roommate after November.
Thus, I unbunked the beds in my apartment and explored
ways to put them together into one massive bed.

I took the spare bed apart with a screwdriver to see what
could be done with it. I remember that my project didn't
work, so I had to put it back together and scrap my plans.
I also remember having about 7 or 8 screws left over when
I finished.

I tell this story because I realized something important
last night. I am in the same apartment as last year, my
beds are now bunked, and I sleep on the bottom.

Thus, as I lay in bed and look up at the bed sitting on
top of mine, those 7 or 8 missing screws end up looking a
lot more important than they did last year.

The last thing I need is to wake up in the middle of the
night with a bed frame, mattress, and my roommate crushing
down on my poor body. With my luck, though, it's pretty
much bound to happen.

So, this Journal message is really just a warning. If you
see a headline in the paper that says "Local College
Student Killed by Improperly Assembled Bunk Bed," you'll
know whose parents to send a sympathy card to.

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